Animal Products

Animal products are nothing but the food materials which are derived from any part or body of an animal is said to be animal products.

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Why You Should Not Avoid Dairy Products In Our Diet

. Some of the animal products are derived from flesh, milk, fat, eggs and others. All these are rich in nutrition and acts as the nutritional supplement for both the kids and the adults. Few people are often becoming deficient to certain nutrition like proteins, minerals, and necessary vitamins.All these animal products act as a nutritional supplement for them in order to boost their nutritional level in their body. But some people are allergic to certain products; in that case, it should be avoided without any consideration.

Animal Fat:

Many kinds of research have been on the way regarding the animal fat and the products to find out the real benefits, allergies, and diseases derived from them. It helps many researchers the items which should be included in our diet and the items which are not at all to be consumed. Still, there are many animal products which induce diseases in the individual who consumes it. Those products and items should be identified and banned for human consumption.


Milk is an important supplement for the new-born babies since it is rich in calcium. Calcium helps in the bone development in which it is to be stronger for the Kids.

Different sources

It can be obtained from many different sources like cow, sheep, camel, and so on. It is a perishable good in which it should be consumed within a specified time.

Nutritional Content

Since it is rich in nutritional content and it has low acidity, it serves as a perfect medium for the bacteria to grow and results in food poisoning.

Contamination of milk

Contamination of milk may be due to the bacteria present in the animal or the utensils or the people handling with it.


In order to preserve milk for a longer time, there are many techniques involved in the preservation of milk like heating, cooling, Pasteurization etc. All these techniques help to preserve milk from the contamination.

Nutritional Supplements

It is one of the constituents to be consumed regularly in a balanced diet. Any person wants to be healthy; he should have all the five food groups which constitute a balanced diet.

Strong and healthy

Cereals and carbohydrates, Protein giving foods, Dairy products, fats and oils, vegetables and fruits constitute a balanced food for an individual to stay strong and healthy.


Keep your feet close and together. Dragging your feet in the water will disturb the flow of water. Practice a technique. It is always wise to sign up for a safety and rescue course before you hit the waters.

Only source

Milk is the only source which acts as a supplement of whey, casein, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Milk is rich in calcium, potassium, sodium, and iron.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are nothing but food items which are made up of Milk. Some of the dairy products are cheese, butter, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, milk powder and a lot more. All these dairy products are prepared in different condition and techniques to get the unique taste of each item.. Calcium helps in the bodybuilding function and also to maintain good bones and teeth.

Benefits of Dairy Products:

Both milk and dairy products are rich in nutrition and it is good for infants, toddlers, youngsters, and adults. Thus it serves as a nutritional supplement for all and suited for all ages.As you know, the dairy products are rich in calcium which is used for building strong bones and teeth. It is also rich in iron content which helps in the formation of blood. Potassium in dairy products helps to maintain the blood pressure at a stable level. Vitamin D is essential to maintain a proper level of calcium and phosphorous to build and maintain the bones.Some people are anemic and the hemoglobin content in the blood will be below the normal level. For those people, milk and dairy products are referred to consume it regularly to get away from the deficiency of calcium.The deficiency of calcium may cause many illnesses like abdominal cramps, muscle cramps, hypocalcemia etc. Hence the people are asked to consume dairy products regularly and it should be included in the diet.

Allergic to Diary products:

Some people are allergic to milk and milk products since the digestive system of these people thinks the dairy products as an antigen and acts against it by releasing histamines into the body to get rid of them. Due to the release of histamines, it may cause diarrhea and vomiting to these people when they are consumed these dairy products.Instead, they can find the alternative sources to suit them a balanced nutritional supplement.But most often, the people who are allergic to dairy products are at the minimum level and most of the people are the good consumers of milk and its products.Apart from the milk, People also consumes the flesh of animals like cow, goat etc. There are many farms which offer fresh organic beef for the consumers without any artificial ingredients. The cows on the farm are brought in a hygienic way.

Who Are We?

Initially, we started this firm as a family owned firm and we started the commercial production of cheese after obtaining the organic certification since 1994. We are the first organic producers of dairy products and we are able to sustain the competition for the past few years.We are one of the certified organic farms which supply both the dairy products and organic beef. We use only organic jersey milk from the own farmyard of us. We also supply organic beef which is highly nutritious. We offer you 100% pure dairy products as well as organic beef to our consumers which are our main objective of the farm. The cows of our farm-yard are treated well and we take utmost care of our herd of a cow with love and affection. The cow feed is the natural feed and we do not offer any additional nutritional supplements to boost the growth of the cows. Our farm cows are immunized on the schedule dates and we do not encourage the hormonal injection to the cow to achieve faster growth. We get the milk from the cow of our farmyard in a natural and hygienic way and we send the milk to our processing plants to produce different varieties of dairy products.Some of our organic farm products are cheese, yogurt, and organic beef in which you can get different varieties of cheese and yogurt according to your needs. The taste and preferences of the customers may vary and we are happy to serve you better with the taste and quality which you expect us to cater.

The unique advantage of the firm is the products quality and taste which is unbeatable by the existing competitors in the market and hence a number of consumers are attracted towards our products.The process and manufacture of these products are made in such a way with a clean and hygienic environment. We used to clean the entire set-up before and after the production process in order to ensure a good hygiene. People who are working here are also covered with the safety elements before entering the factory. The employees will start the production process with utmost care and they strictly adhere to the rules incorporated by the firm.Many consumers are attracted to our products even after a stiff competition in the market because of our unique quality and taste of the product. We are happy to serve you even better in the future with more varieties of dairy products.


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